Tregi Sistemi deals with automatic dosing systems for liquids, and also with the handling, weighing and dissolving powders, granules and scales.

Our core-business started more than years ago in the textile industry, with several print houses, dyehouses and tanneries that choose our plants all over the world.
In the same time we have developed successfuly dosing systems for extra-textile applications for the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry, the sector of precious metals threatment, the varnishes and inks industry.

Our experience in the automatic dosing field allows us to develop new plants and to offer our advice for complete revamping (mechanical, elechtronic and sotware) of old and now inefficients plants.


Automatic dosing systems for liquids
Weighing and dissolving powders
Weighing and dissolving granules
Weighing and dissolving scales


The project of founding 3G Sistemi was born in 2008 from the idea of a group of technicians with many years of experience in the field of the automatic dosing. The aim was to combine experience and innovation with the purpose of offering high quality products, developed specifically for the applications required by the individual customer.


Since then selecting the best components is one of the strenghts of our company, with the total personalization of our plants and with the high quality post-sales assistance, are the three points that differentiate us from our main competitors.

We are now a firmly established reality: we are still dinamic and projected toward a continuous growth: in ten yers we built a great sales network on a global scale, with agents and technicians in all the major countries. We also started a path able to ensure our business continuity, training our young and motivated staff.


Why choose 3G Sistemi?


A continuous research of cutting-edge materials, technologies and software, with a know-how that’s the result of years of experience in automatic dosing, allow us to offer extremely efficient solutions in terms of precision and above all repeatability.


The first purpose of our plants is to grant to ensure our clients  immediate savings compared to manual process: fewer peopleless product wastedless downtime in the production line.
We want to offer automation accessible to all, thanks to a better ROI.


Move on to an automatic system allow the workers to avoid the direct contact with all the products involved (often dangerous) in the production processes. This increase the level of security and sustainability of the whole department.
The software is tailored: we can monitor in real time all our systems in order to provide our customers a timely assistance all over the world.